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Change Your Karma – Change Your Life! (Part 2)

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Karma is the physical manifestation of the law of balance and harmony – of cause and effect. It applies to the results of decisions reached, choices made, actions taken, and attitudes held by beings capable of free will. A karmic experience is the experiencing of two extremes and then finding one’s true path. This can be very challenging to an individual as one has to reconsider a choice made in a prior period or lifetime, or an attitude that has been held. As I often say “present” is a word that can be split as “pre-sent” in terms of one’s karma.

Karma does allow for “anirudh” (Divine Grace) and all Yogas seek to transcend Karma by different methods. For example: Through “Bhakti” Yoga (union or unity consciousness through devotion and love of God,) or through selfless “seva” (service without expectations – Karma Yoga) one can be aided to speed through Karma Phal (Karmic fruit of one’s actions, and thoughts). Lord Sri Krishna said “vairaagya” (detachment) is the way to cut through the cords of karma and be liberated.

Four Types of Karma

Sanchita Karma:

This is the sum total of all karma – both good and bad karma – from all life times of the soul. All tendencies, individual nature, desires, and capabilities are a result of this total karma.

Prarabdha Karma:

This is the karma for the current life time. This includes a portion of the good karma for the good things in life, a bad portion of karma you planned on working through. This is the Karma that resulted in the circumstances of your birth.

Agami Karma:

This is the law of immediate returns. When you shout at someone and someone shouts at you, this is the law of immediate returns in action.

Kriyamana Karma:

This is the Karma that is done now, but the results are stored for later in the current life or other future lives.

Instant Karma and the Quickening of Karmic Unburdening:

Many people on the spiritual path have seen many of their enemies or people who hurt them prosper and become stronger or apparently happier. The question then arises as to why this is so.

There are those of us who find it surprising that people who evolved to a higher degree are the most sensitive and get hit very quickly by even one small negative action on their part, whereas those who have a “thick skin” of karma somehow seem to be immune and are not hit by their unethical or harmful behavior for a long time.  

Those relatively “involved with many karmic entanglements” need more time to pay off their karmic debt (Kriyamana Karma – where they store the negative till later in life or next lives to pay).  These are the people who are going through the glory days of accumulation of good things paying no heed to the unsavory methods or practices – only to have the gory days later through losses, ruptures, decay or disease!

For those who are nearing the end of the karmic residue or bonds, they have to pay quickly as there is a “quickening of the unburdening of their karma”, without much residue being accumulated! The nice side of this is that their prayers are also bringing them quicker rewards. If you should buy a house, you may have a 30 year mortgage and pay for it on a monthly installment basis. For those in the initial stages of this 30 year loan, the amount that goes towards the principle or equity is very little. However, those who are into the 30th year, a greater percentage of the monthly mortgage payment would go towards the principle, and interest accumulating is very little. Similarly, one on a spiritual path is having more of their energy go towards their spiritual power, and less towards their daily physical needs thus making them less selfish and more selfless.
The pace of Agami Karma (Agami Karma is immediate returns.  When you slap someone – chances are you get slapped back immediately) becomes faster in lives of spiritual people.  Hence, those who are on the spiritual path have to be careful not to wish bad things for one’s enemies, but wish them well, along with spiritual progress! Remember, the true mark of spiritual progress is the increasing ability to help!

Chakras and Kundalini Energy

Chakras and Kundalini energy are related. Let me explain this with a very simple, day to day example most can understand.

Have you seen a car with a flat tire? When one of the tires of the car is blown or becomes flat, the entire car leans towards the side where one has a flat tire putting additional pressure on it. It is difficult to change a tire then. A tire (or car) jack as it is known is used to lift the car up on the side where there is a flat.

The tire jack is flat when stored in the trunk of a car for easy storage. However, when needed, the jack is positioned appropriately underneath the car, and employing a handle or lever mechanism, one turns handle of the jack clockwise. Think of this turning of the handle in a clockwise manner as the chakra (wheel) activation and energizing. The faster you crank the handle, the quicker the car is raised on its side to allow the flat to come off and accommodate the spare tire. The more active and vibrant your chakras are the higher your Kundalini goes!


This elevation of the jack offering support to the part of the car body to be replaced is the Kundalini – the evolutionary energy that uplifts one to a higher level of consciousness with a higher quality of ideas flowing through, allows us to heal what needs to be healed.

Chakra Dhayana (meditation) and activation or energizing of the chakras takes you to a higher level of consciousness. Hence, when one thinks of enemies by raising the level of one’s consciousness through chakra work and raising of the Kundalini, during the process of enlightenment, one will be able to see the actions they have done to hurt or harm you in a different light! Then, one has only compassion for those who adopt unsavory methods by being selfish, by being thoughtless, or even willfully hurting or harming others!

The uplifting of ones thoughts by such practices as those given in “Gratitude and Breakthroughs” elevates one to a higher consciousness allowing you to forgive easily, and remember that your enemies taught you tough lessons, strengthening your inner processes. Gratitude flows outwards clearing blockages you experience in your energy body and ultimately your life!

The more people we remember who touched our lives intensely (for the good or the bad) and send them love and spiritual energy, the better, as it gets us good Karma. Remember: One sends love and blessings or spiritual energies to many, and many then shower you with their love and blessings! One to Many, Many to One! – The secret of the “Power of Group Consciousness,” of enhancing the love that surrounds and permeates us, and the secret to multiplying our blessings!

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September 22, 2008 at 6:26 pm

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Change Your Karma – Change Your Life! (part 1)

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“Change Your Karma, Change Your Life!” was something that an extraordinary spiritual teacher named Namadeva used to say. After human beings get to the stage where they find frustration or limited satisfaction in their biological families, and the social circles (friends, and partners, or in marital lives with in-laws etc.), they begin to reach out to spiritual relationships – eventually finding all relationships should be based on the spiritual for the utmost satisfaction, and for the love in the relationships to become everlasting!

Our divine friend Jaya had a few questions about why one should pray for their enemies who had harmed her family, in response to the piece titled “Gratitude and Break-Through’s” in life. While the teaching was originally from Acharya Samadarsini at the Oneness University in India, I will answer these questions from my perspective.

Let us lay some ground work before we build a more elaborate answer.

(1) As eastern mystics say, all spiritual disciplines are meant only to enhance our capacity to receive, and receive well. There is never a sense of “entitlement” (I do this, I have to get this in return) in spiritual disciplines. All that you receive, you receive due to Divine Grace or someone’s love for you!

(2) Karma is a word in Sanskrit that means “that which comes back”. “That which comes back at you!” is how many think of negative or bad karma. Karma is the harsh system of justice from which one can be freed by Grace which liberates you from Karmic cycles of “do” and “it is done to you!”

Karma is stored in the body as patterns of vibrations and energy imprints that can be triggered by external circumstances or stimuli.

Karma comes from, or is heavily influenced by:

  • DNA from parents (and therefore all ancestors).
  • Thoughts, emotions, actions, and predispositions are karmically influenced, thus leading to “traits” and “tendencies” developed over very long periods, perhaps over many lives. Hence, all of your prior periods and previous lives you lived through are factored in.
  • Circumstances such as the country or place we are born, or live in, or spend time in, and planetary influences. (Sthal mahatvam is the effect of the place or field of consciousness present there in that place in that plane of existence on us.)
  • The education, company we keep, relationships we maintain, and the living conditions.

All of this is stored in the subtle energy body of the human in the chakras, and in the physical body principally in three places – lower abdomen, neck, and shoulders.

(3) All of thoughts are energy. The intent is the seed (masculine energy), and thought energy is the feminine energy that attracts, and incubates the seed of intent. The purification of intent by cleansing and purifying our thoughts is a great part of the working off of the karma. There is a wonderful spiritual axiom that says:  “To change your life, change your thinking.”  “Hurt people, hurt people!” said Bill Cosby, and this makes the cycle of karma long drawn out as these cycles keep repeating.

Purifying Our Intent – An Example:

There was a gentleman who had recently called from Chicago, and wanted me to pray for reducing his negative karma. He had two ex-wives, and was into his third marriage. He was required to pay “alimony” (or “child support” as it is known in some places) to two ex-wives which constantly drained his funds available each month. He harbored some feelings of resentment against the ex-wives.

I asked this person to visualize two wishes – both with the same intent of stopping alimony payments to ex-wives.

Scenario One:

The person wishes he would not have to pay “alimony” to his two ex-wives. Now, the higher self of the ex-wives would immediately know the wish he made as all souls are connected, but they would be angry and put a stop to that wish manifesting since the husband will have more money, but they will not have his monthly payments to assist them. The anger of the ex-wives would “debilitate” the energy of his intent, or wish.

Scenario Two:

He would wish that each of his ex-wives would fall in love with a handsome man, rich and nice who loves to take care of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of these women. Now, the higher selves of the ex-wives will know of this thought as all souls are connected, and immediately bless this wish since they would be happy should this wish come to manifest – since their ex-husband is wishing they would fall in love, and marry for love – with their every need being taken care of. Now this ex-husband doesn’t have to pay alimony payments anymore if the wish true!

See the difference? Most of the problems people have are the result of making choices that do not serve them. Negative emotions tend to shackle one’s inner power.  In this instance, a purified thought, with the best interests of the ex-wives taken care of, makes the ex-wives bless him, instead of making them angry! So, samskara shuddhi (cleansing of ingrained patterns of behavior) can be achieved under guidance or through Divine Grace by cleansing and purifying our intent so as to include the best interests of others.

(4) As you probably guessed, asking you to think of names of people (both living or dead) and acknowledge them was just a way to get people to open their hearts and think of those who affected their life intensely (for the good or the bad).  As we advance spiritually and the light in us grows brighter, we are able to show the way and offer the light of unconditional love, understanding, and healing to others. Sending love to anyone who you love, or someone who loves you and did a lot of good to you, is easy.  Anyone who did bad things to you or your family is someone you want to surround with prayer energy so that they will not harm you. (Hence, you pray not just for their success in the physical world, but for their spiritual progress which makes them better people in time). A knee-jerk type of reaction to wish harm to anyone would have a karmic rebound that is difficult to deal with. Who would harm or be negative about a person saying prayers for their highest good and welfare?

* End of Part 1*

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Viraagya – A sense of detachment

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Viraagya (Sense of detachment) along with humility is an important virtue that is to be developed on a spiritual path to progress rapidly. 

Eastern Mystics illustrate this by a story:  Two monks went to a bank of a small river and were about to cross it.  A beautiful young lady came to them and said, “I want to cross the river, but I am wearing a costly dress which I would not like to get wet. Could you please help me?”  One of the monks began to think of her beauty and how he should not touch her lest he be subjected to lust and temptation in his mind, and told her, “We are monks, and want to stay away from women!”  The other monk calmly picked the young lady in his arms and carried her across and deposited her safely on the other bank.  After walking for a couple of miles, the first monk was still thinking of how much this other monk must have been tempted, and asked him.   The second monk turned to him and said, “Brother Monk! I have left that young lady on the banks of the river!  However, you still seem to be carrying her with you!”

People who have no detachment while performing seva (service) would carry issues further into their life than is necessary!       

* * * * * *

There is yet another story – not too well known from the time of Mahābhārata– about Lord Sri Krishna teaching Arjuna a lesson in humility on way to selflessness.  Arjuna, who was a great archer always had great pride in his archery and viewed Karna as a competitor.  Karna was famous for his selflessness and Krishna loved him.  Arjuna was always jealous of that affection Krishna showed Karna.  Lord Sri Krishna knew this, and once decided to teach him a lesson. 
Lord Sri Krishna with his divine power created a mountain of gold and took Arjuna to it, and gave him from sun rise till sunset to give as much of the gold away to others as he could.  Arjuna sent his soldiers and town criers to announce in the neighboring villages for people to come with digging equipment and carts to carry the gold.  The villagers came and Arjuna supervised the digging up of the gold and gave it to all those who came to him.  By the evening, the mountain of gold was only a third of the way depleted, and the exhausted Arjuna was puffed up with pride as he was praised by Sri Krishna on a good job.  Krishna asked Arjuna to come the next morning again to the same spot, but also sent word to Karna.  Krishna used his divine power to make the mountain of gold whole again, and asked Karna the next day morning at sunrise, giving him till sundown that evening to give away as much as he could to others.  Karna just walked a few feet, and hailed a few Brahmins bathing in the river nearby.  When they came, he showed them the mountain, and said “This is yours!” and walked away, his task completed. 
Arjuna watched this and was in tears understanding the detachment of the one involved in selfless service, and fell at the feet of the Lord seeking His Grace to be rid of the selfishness and small mindedness he had that made him work so hard, only to achieve so little!

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Simple ritual to cleanse home or office

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Problems with your mother or her side of ancestors result in health problems and internal confidence – as your body comes from your mom – mother is the portal of all human relationships. Issues with your father or his side of family result in financial, external relations with outside world, and power/control type issues. Stuck entities, or energies, relatively un-evolved “Earth Bound” spirits hanging around you makes for a heavy and stagnant environment creating many problems for us.
I present you a process – that comes from Buddhist traditions – that is highly effective. This involves lighting of three oil lamps (if not available, use candles, and have them lighted about 10-15 minutes at a time before blowing candles out if you need to save on the expense – and reuse candles at a later date.)

(1)  In front of the altar (or some place on table of shelf where you have icons such as the Holy Cross, Yantras which are geometric designs of portals, or Shri Murthis – a representation of Bhagawan, Devi, or Divine Saints you worship), say:

“I light this lamp (or candle) for all the souls that are in doubt!”

(2)     As you light the 2nd lamp or candle say:

“I light this lamp (or candle) for all the souls that are troubled!”

(3)  As you light the 3rd lamp or candle, say:

“I light this lamp (or candle) for all the souls that are tormented!”

Doubts create separation anxiety – of being separated from love of God, or from loved ones (or resources). Those that are tortured are because of some physical pain (such as in a disease).  Those tormented are those who are mentally tortured by thoughts – either their own or that of others (trying to measure up to someone else’s opinion).  

Then close your eyes, and put your hands in a prayer position with palms joined in front of your heart with fingers pointing upwards (Namaskar or prayer position). Ask your mother and father (and mother-in-law and father-in-law if any, please include as they hold the equivalent position of parents also) to forgive you for all your faults, the things you have done to hurt or harm them or the things you should have done but didn’t, and send them your love.  (You don’t have to do it in person even if they are alive if you don’t wish to). Also, forgive them remembering you are a soul and they are one to. Send them your “love” (make it as unconditional as you can) and “spiritual energy through your prayers to the Divine for their well-being, happiness, and spiritual progress”.  Do this at least once a week till you problems are cleared.  This will clear all negative energies and bring you positive energies and blessings from those souls.
Many who have done this had reported tremendous benefits.  First, the problems that are yet to come your way will be cleared (you may not see a reduction in past problems for a while), and then the current and problems from the past are healed to bring your happiness!

* * * * *

Explanatory Note: There are many of our ancestors who pass on from this world (die).  Then, they go to another realm depending on their Karma. 
When these souls are stuck in a lower astral plane, they would not know where to go next and have limited options (just like on earth we have poor people or people with diseases that are karmically linked).  When they cry and try to reach out, they will usually try to reach out people they know – or sometimes anyone who is accessible.  People who are drunks, or drug or sex addicts have some openings (holes) in the aura (energy that surrounds a human body) and these souls reach out through those openings and get attached to us.  They will make us heavy in terms of energy (they can only absorb energy which is fragmented such as when you are angry or depressed).  If we, the loved ones, or those with issues in life, don’t respond for a long time to help them through prayers etc. they may create negative conditions – so, that we stay something like a “bonded slave” – and they continue to suck energy out of us – draining us – and over a period of time, many also fall ill.  Just as on earth, many turn to a life of crime when there are no satisfactory ethical or moral standards along with a severe lack of economic opportunities, some souls become “bitter” over a period of time when they don’t get adequate help, and choose to “haunt” us or surround us – even if we can’t all hear them.  (I am clair-audient and hence hear these some of these souls).
To prevent this, if you begin to do good karma by remembering the souls that are in doubt (where they lack faith in God or the goodness of humankind, have separation from feelings of love or being loved), the souls that are tortured by past Karmas and negative actions they are used to, or souls are tormented (torment is tortured mentally – Manas-Kshobha), and saying prayers, these souls go to the higher planes of light.  They then turn back and bless all those who helped them. 
It is easy to see a beggar or a homeless person in the street and offer some help (or alms).  When you personally have some problems in life, and your options of donating money or offering medical assistance are limited, we offer it as prayers.   When souls are in distress, despair, in the darkness of ignorance as we say, we would like to offer them some light to show them the way to a better place in life, or in after-life. One way to maintain ourselves in Divine Grace, and hence hold the light and radiate it is through the rituals such as fire-ceremonies, mantra chanting, listening to up-lifting and inspirational music or messages, etc.  This light will show them the love and spiritual energies which are the food and currency in the other realms. 

Hope this helps.

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Cord Cutting – Breaking Unproductive and Draining Spiritual Contracts

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It is well known that when someone establishes a relationship with you or reaches out to you with human emotions, they have emotional energetic cords that attach to your energy body.  It is also possible to have energy cords with someone you barely know – when the feelings are lustful, adversarial, or stemming out of greed or jealousy, or intent to control or destroy such as those seen in psychic attacks. No reciprocity is required for such emotional cords to be formed. Those who have imbalances in the aura, or have holes (generally those with addictions, or emotional dependency issues) may be more susceptible to have negative, unproductive, or draining relationships, and shred their Kundalini! Holes in the aura, or thinning out of aura (chakras wide open all the time) tend to attract the tentacles of “parasites” (those that do not consciously know what they are doing,) or worse – “Vampires,” “predators,” or “vultures” is a term used in psychic defense to describe those who had evolved to a very high degree learning several techniques to prey on those who are vulnerable energy-wise – thus causing “de-vitalization” in their victim! It would be naïve to imagine that there are no such people, or dark forces that tend to use one for their advantage!

“Cutting of Cords” is a technique to free one up emotionally. By repeating the following statements, you will be cutting cords of only that which is not working in your life, and as you cut cords, it doesn’t mean that you love that person any less, but love them without human “attachments”. Please repeat the following by saying it – three times the first time (- and about once a week if you still have issues.  If not, repeating periodically may help – say, once every month/ quarter.)

Breaking your own promises from earlier times causing problems:

I hereby destroy all promises of isolation from the world, poverty, pain, suffering, and misery I may have made in any lifetime, and I ask that all effects of these promises be “undone” in all directions of time!

Breaking contracts with other relatives and strangers which are not working for your mutual highest good and welfare:

My intent is for the Divine (Jesus, or Amma and Bhagawan) to break and destroy any and all spiritual or other contracts between myself, and all people and entities from my current and past relationships, all of my family, departed relatives and ancestors, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers, gurus, and teachers, organizations or groups, and the dark entities, and dark forces of the Universe from the point of creation to this moment in time, which are no longer serving our mutual highest good and welfare, without delay, and so be it!

Coming into your own body fully and ground yourself to flush out unwelcome foreign energies:

My intent is for the divine to help me come fully into my physical body, be fully grounded from the lower three chakras to flush out all of the foreign energies that are not working for my highest good, and to let out all burnt and spent karmas, and samskaras or tendencies, which are ready to be released from my chakra and meridian systems, physical and energy bodies, and all aspects of my consciousness, right now and so it is!

(Note: Please note that one should ground only the first three (lower) chakras, and never the heart, throat, or the third eye.)

To bring in your fragmented energies from outside, and pull aura closed for protection:

My intent is to bring-in my aura to a distance of 18 inches from my body in all directions, above and below, to give me better protection, and bring back all of my energy from any person, place or thing where I may have left, or fragmented it – from anywhere in the universe or another reality, – from the point of origin & creation to this moment in time, at once, and right now, and so it is!

(Note: Mantras or deekshas tend to expand our auras with good vibrations emanating from us, thinning out the further it goes out. However, when you go to a mall, or some public place, or meet with someone who is emotionally needy, or draining, it is better to pull the aura inwards towards the body – similar to wrapping a jacket closer to you and buttoning up on a cold blustery windy day).

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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